2020 Publication Books

New Text by Eyler Focuses on Public Health Research Skills

A new textbook by Amy Eyler, Research Methods for Public Health (Springer, 2020), fills a gap in methods texts to focus on skills that are particularly needed for graduate students in public health in areas such as epidemiology and biostatistics. Eyler, an associate professor at the Brown School, is co-director of the Prevention Research Center and a former assistant dean at the school.

“After teaching our Research Methods course for ten years without an adequate public health-focused textbook, I decided to write one,” she said. “As an accredited Masters of Public Health program, we need to show how our courses align with required MPH competencies, which have recently been revised. This book clearly outlines those competencies through the text and in accompanying class activities.” The book also addresses some topics not covered by other texts, such as summarizing and disseminating research.

“I am excited to use this book in my classes next year,” Eyler said.