What’s New: the gobal observatory of Healthy and Sustainable Cities

Sponsored by the People, Health and Place Unit, the Global Observatory of Healthy and Sustainable Cities hosts and tracks evidence-based indicators developed for The Lancet Global Health series on Urban Design, Transport and Health. The Observatory enables the assessment of healthy and sustainable urban design and planning for cities across the globe.

About the Unit

Place is a major contributor to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. Understanding how place-based factors contribute to health disparities, and using this information to inform evidence-based strategies centered on promoting inclusive and healthy places is critical for achieving health equity locally and globally.

The goal of the People, Health and Place unit is to position the PRC as a national and global leader in health and place research, training and capacity building.

We do this by leading and supporting high-quality research, teaching, capacity building, and partnerships centered on the intersections between people, health and place.

If interested in becoming WUSTL faculty, staff, postdoc or student affiliate, or an external partner or collaborator of the PHP unit, please contact Dr. Deborah Salvo, dsalvo@wustl.edu and Dr. Rodrigo Reis, reis.rodrigo@wustl.edu.