EBPH Framework

The Evidence-based Public Health framework includes building blocks for making evidence-based policy and program decisions aimed at improving population health and advancing health equity. The process is non-linear and requires a broad skill set. Training for practitioners emphasizes practical application of these key skills using resources and tools accessible to public health professionals.  

Where to go for Evidence

There is a wide variety of public health information readily available. Here are some that are particularly useful to chronic disease prevention and control practitioners.

Open Access Journals

A number of public health articles are available at no cost to users through these journals.

Annual Review of Public Health

BMC Public Health

Preventing Chronic Disease

Frontiers in Public Health

Implementation Science

Implementation Science Communications

To access articles in other journals, feel free to contact authors or enlist the help of a local librarian. Increasingly, articles found on a PubMed search are available free of charge.


There are tools available for many of the evidence-based decision-making processes. Here are a few examples.

CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation

NACCHO. Guide to Prioritization Techniques

Developing Logic Models

SMARTIE objectives

Sustainability Assessment Tools (PSAT and CSAT)