PRC members participate in The Lancet Global Health series on urban design, transport and health

One of the top medical journals in the world, The Lancet Global Health, recently launched a new initiative focused on urban design, transport and health. Several PRC members have taken on a lead role.

Deborah Salvo presented during the launch of the 2022 Lancet Global Health Series on Urban Design, Transport and Health and was one of the twelve global executive committee members that led the project, which involved a full team of over 80 investigators from across the world. The committee first met in 2016 and developed city planning policy indicators that could be used to track progress towards the development of healthy and sustainable cities. This year’s follow-up series is focused on “how the indicators can guide decisions about what must change in order to create healthy and sustainable cities and how research can be used to guide urban policy to achieve urban and population health.” You can watch the launch of the Lancet Global Health webinar series, including Salvo’s presentation, below.

As part of the executive team, Salvo was a contributing author to a five-paper series in The Lancet Global Health. Eugen Resendiz, a PRC doctoral student, along with PRC faculty and Brown School Co-Dean, Rodrigo Reis, each co-authored a paper in the series  All of the papers are open access and available through The Lancet Global Health website.

To learn more about this initiative, check out the new website for the Global Observatory for Healthy and Sustainable Cities, including scorecards and reports for each of the 25 cities of the global study reported in The Lancet Global Health Series, and for which Salvo serves as the lead. The People, Health and Place Unit of the PRC sponsored the development of the website.