Multisector Collaboration for Delivering Cancer Control Interventions in Rural Communities (Links to an external site)

Abstract Purpose and objectives: Multisector collaboration is a widely promoted strategy to increase equitable availability, access, and use of healthy foods, safe places for physical activity, social supports, and preventive health care services. Yet fewer studies and resources exist for collaboration among governmental and nongovernmental agencies to address public problems in rural areas, despite an excess […]

PRC members participate in The Lancet Global Health series on urban design, transport and health

One of the top medical journals in the world, The Lancet Global Health, recently launched a new initiative focused on urban design, transport and health. Several PRC members have taken on a lead role. Deborah Salvo presented during the launch of the 2022 Lancet Global Health Series on Urban Design, Transport and Health and was […]

PRC faculty awarded new grants

Congratulations to our PRC Faculty, Maura Kepper and Steph Mazzucca, for receiving new grant awards. Details about the grant awards are below. Maura Kepper  Funder: Wash U Center for Dissemination & Implementation and Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control  Title: Adapting and Implementing a Novel Digital Health Tool to Promote Behavior Change and Improve Cancer Risk […]

Staff presented at the International System Dynamics Conference during plenary session

Sarah Pritchard and Karina Marin presented during the conference plenary session in Frankfurt, Germany Thurs. afternoon, July 21. “Presenting at the conference was a fun experience and great opportunity to continue growing as a modeler and newly graduated student. The overwhelming positive feedback I received from more experienced system dynamists on our project was amazing […]

Maura Kepper’s Project Adapts a new Digital Health Tool called PREVENT to Help Patients Overcome Barriers to Healthy Behaviors

Because low-income residents in rural areas often face greater barriers to achieving healthy behaviors and reduced cancer risk, it is critical that we provide care tailored to their needs. Digital tools have the ability to support health care teams in delivering targeted behavior counseling and other necessary resources for sustaining good health. Maura Kepper, PHD, […]

Faculty Spotlight: Diana Parra

It wasn’t the toasted ravioli that drew Diana Parra Perez to St. Louis. Parra Perez began her journey in public health and to the PRC in Bogota, Colombia, where her interest in physical activity led to becoming a physical therapist who aimed to work with athletes. As she was introduced to the endeavors of public […]

Advancing Racial Equity in the PRC by Building the Capacity of the Individuals Who Comprise It

In fall 2020, the PRC established the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee focused on developing a plan to advance racial equity in our center and its work. The Committee formed as our PRC members were grappling with the numerous injustices and violence inflicted on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, on top of the […]

PRC Researchers, Rodrigo Reis and Deborah Salvo, Examine in Recent Publication What the Physical Activity Community Can Do for Climate Action and Planetary Health (Links to an external site)

This study found that physical activity promotion strategies need to be aligned with climate action commitments, incorporating the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scenarios in physical activity action plans. The promotion strategies must consider equity a core value and promote physical activity to the most vulnerable populations so that they are protected from the ill-health […]

PRC Faculty, Diana C Parra, Recently Published a Paper on School Feeding Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Links to an external site)

School feeding programs (SFPs) can play a crucial role in the emergency food and nutrition response, but there is a dearth of information on how SFPs operate during emergencies. The Results of this study showed that during the pandemic, all SFPs continued (although continuation plans varied from a few days in Chile to > 1 […]

Maggie Padek Kalman to give talk describing her decade of research staff experience at WashU.

This seminar will feature Maggie Padek, who has a decade of experience as research staff at Washington University and is an integral member of many research teams. She will discuss her career path and share lessons learned, including her roles and responsibilities in different positions, when and how to take the next steps, and more. […]