Student Spotlight: Mackenzie Robinson

Mackenzie Robinson

MPH, 2019

Hometown: Eustis, FL

Undergraduate College & Major/ Minor: University of Florida, Major in Anthropology and Minor in African Studies

Three things you have with you at all times: chewing gum, perfume, and my phone

What are your hobbies or activities when you aren’t studying or working? I love listening to music, especially Afrobeat, Reggae, Soca, and Konpa. I also love to go to festivals, discover new restaurants, and TRAVEL!!!

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am fluent in Kiswahili.

What do you like most about the PRC?

How everyone is incredibly intelligent yet very down-to-earth and friendly. It’s an awesome working environment and I have loved getting to know everyone I work with.

What is a cause you’re passionate about?

I am very passionate about improving poor maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes, especially maternal and neonatal deaths in low-income countries. This passion motivates me to continue working to find the best solutions to alleviate these outcomes and tailor them to different communities and contexts both in the US and abroad.

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