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Staff Spotlight: Linda Dix

Staff Spotlight: Linda Dix

Shortly after you walk in the door to the PRC, you might notice a whiteboard with a written question above an answer hidden by a flap of paper. “Why don’t you iron 4-leaf clovers?” it says. You peek under the flap and see the answer (spoiler alert!): “You don’t want to press your luck.”

Don’t look now, but Linda Dix might be watching.

Dix is the PRC’s administrative coordinator and assistant to Director Ross Brownson. She’s responsible for the corny riddles, which she can see from her desk. She likes watching for people’s reactions.

“Some people will come in just to read the joke,” she said. “Some will roll their eyes.  Others smile.  I try to add fun and levity into things.”

Now in her 10th year at the Center, Dix plays a wide variety of roles, from juggling Brownson’s hectic schedule, to travel agent for PRC faculty and staff. She handles arrangements for guest speakers and plans logistics for the Evidence Based Public Health courses and project meetings.

(Linda with daughter Haley)

“People say, ‘She knows everything.’  That’s not true, but If you have a question, bring it to me and If I don’t know, I’ll find out,” she says. Dix has a degree in business administration and worked at Seagram’s and in pharmaceutical sales before joining the PRC. “I’m a business person,” she says. For her, that means an interest in people.

“I’m fascinated by people, what makes them tick, what motivates them,” she said. “Everyone’s different.  We have such a diverse group at the Brown School. You have to learn: What do I have to do to get their attention?”

Linda has three kids and is an avid baseball (Cardinals) fan.  She also volunteers at Progress West Hospital and with Friends of Kids with Cancer.

“My goal is to make other people’s lives easier,” she says.  “And maybe I can make somebody smile.”

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