Student Spotlight: Masoomeh Faghankhani

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Undergraduate school and major/minor: Tehran University of Medical Sciences/Medicine
Program at Brown: MPH
Anticipated graduation date: May 2024
Three things you have with you at all times: My smartphone, black tea bag, and antiseptic hygienic stuff

What are your hobbies or activities when you aren’t studying or working?
Trail jogging, Watching a wide array of films including cartoons and animations, Listening to podcasts mostly focusing on animal and human societies and their social behavior, experimenting with cooking and baking international recipes, reading books, and browsing social media

What is your plan after graduation?
My aim is to embark on a doctoral journey in public health, focusing on the dissemination and implementation sciences within the realm of community mental and behavioral health.

Where do you see yourself after graduation? What is your dream job?
I envision myself as a dedicated research scholar and practitioner in the field of public mental and behavioral health, deeply committed to enhancing the wellbeing and peace of individuals grappling with mental and behavioral health challenges. My passion lies in utilizing community-based, evidence-driven interventions and advocating for policy reforms to achieve this goal.

What advice to you have for incoming students?
At the Brown School, my educational journey was rich and diverse, encompassing everything from acquiring positive leadership skills from Renee Parks while working in PRC to delving deep into advanced statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and public mental and behavioral health problems, interventions, and policies through my coursework. These experiences collectively facilitated a significant transformation in both my personal and professional spheres. Amidst this transformative journey, the Harm Reduction Community Practice course taught by Molly Pearson emerged as a pivotal highlight. I strongly encourage all mental and behavioral health students to enroll in this course. It was a profound experience that deconstructed and then reconstructed my understanding and perspective, leaving me appreciating this new version of myself even more.