Communicating Public Health Information Effectively

Nelson DE, Brownson RC, Remington PL, Parvanta C (Eds.). Communicating Public Health Information Effectively: A Guide for Practitioners. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association; 2002.

As the first of its kind, this book provides a comprehensive approach to help public health practitioners in both the public and private sector to improve their ability to communicate with different audiences. From the news media to legislators, and from visual communication to electronic communication, every chapter provides practical, With real-world recommendations and examples on how to communicate public health information to nonscientific audiences more effectively. The knowledge and skills gleaned from this book will assist with planning and executing simple and complex communication activities commonly done by public health practitioners. “In order to compete in this increasingly competitive and complex environment, those of us in public health must make the science and art of communication as integral a part of our everyday activities as the science of epidemiology and disease control.

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