Faculty Spotlight: Rodrigo Reis

Who’s that guy zipping through the PRC on a scooter?

That would be Rodrigo Reis

Reis lives just a few blocks from the Brown School and often walks, bikes or scoots to his job as as a professor and researcher. Physical activity is an integral part of his work as well, as he looks for ways to make cities better places to practice active lifestyles.

Growing up in Curitiba, Brazil, he found at an early age that he enjoyed exercise. He began running, and studied martial arts, earning a 4th degree black belt in Taikwondo.

“I found that exercise provided me with a sense of accomplishment,” he said. “You have to focus.”

It’s an approach that has served him well in his research, and one he encourages his students to find. “Focusing and prioritizing as part of a constant planning process helps you to conduct research and has an effect on your life as a whole,” he said.

Reis is especially excited about a project exploring urban design features in 14 cities around the world to find out how success can be translated across borders. Other research he is leading
compares efforts in Curitiba and Belfast, Northern Ireland, to help older adults become more active. Closer to home, he’s working on assessing the health benefits of a proposed Metro Link expansion.

He teaches a course on Built Environment and Public Health, and leads public health seminars. “You learn so much from students, it brings the youth back to you,” he said.

Learn more about Rodrigo here.

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