Masoomeh Faghankhani

Research Assistant

Masoomeh Faghankhani is an MPH student specializing in Mental and Behavioral Health Sciences. She received her M.D. from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. After graduation, she served as a family physician practicing medicine and public health in the low-access, underserved areas in the south of Iran for two years. She worked as a research fellow in the Education and Development Research Center and then in the Mental and Behavioral Health Research Center for several years. Her past works focused on studying the integration of Evidence-Based Medicine principals in the medical education curriculum and on studying mental health disorders, including psychosis and stress. She is interested in the production of current best evidence, dissemination of evidence-based knowledge, implementation of the evidence-based health policies, and evaluation of this knowledge translation outcomes to reduce health inequity, particularly mental health inequity. Now, she is a graduate student research assistant in PRC working with Renee Parks and Dr. Ross Brownson. She is contributing to an evidence-based health policy project to address obesity disparity in our community. She is so excited to join Renee’s team in PRC which is exactly the right place providing her with the opportunity to study and learn more about one of her passions, evidence-based health practice and health policy.