Alan Beck

Project Manager

Alan M. Beck, PhD, is the Project Coordinator for a project which aims to increase physical activity in rural populations in Southeast Missouri. Alan hails from a rural town and has experienced, first hand, how difficult it can be to remain physically active. He was active in sports during high school, but quickly gained weight thereafter. Alan went on to join the military, where he gained a passion for exercise. After sustaining injuries in Iraq, Alan became interested in how the body adapts to various stressors and injuries. Alan went on to pursue his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, in exercise science and exercise physiology, respectively. He also holds four exercise related certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine. He went on to complete his PhD in Health Education, with a special interest in rural populations. He is motivated to increase physical activity in rural populations in order to reduce the burden of disease. Alan is new to the city, but enjoys walks in Forest Park with his wife, Brooke, and son, Liam.