Plans, Actions, and Capacity to Sustain Tobacco Control (PACT)

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Project Dates: 2017-2023

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The purpose of our study is to increase the capacity for sustainability among evidence-based tobacco control (TC) programs. Sustainability is an important next step in dissemination and implementation research. In order for a population to obtain the benefits of an implemented evidence-based intervention, it must be sustained over time. Sustaining evidence-based TC programs will improve quality of life and reduce the massive healthcare costs incurred by tobacco-related illness.

 Project Goals

  • Develop the Program Sustainability Action Planning Model and Training Curricula and deliver to 12 state TC programs
    • The Program Sustainability Action Planning Training will be designed to assist states in completing each of the six steps in the action planning process (see Figure 1) and consist of three components:
      • Pre-workshop preparation
      • An in person two-day workshop
      • Ongoing technical assistance and support
  • Demonstrate change in sustainability outcomes in states who received the Program Sustainability Action Planning Training compared to states that did not.
    • To achieve this, the study design will incorporate a group randomized control trial to document differences in organizational and programmatic measures and program sustainability scores utilizing the Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSAT)
  • Actively disseminate The Program Sustainability Action Planning Model and Training Curricula materials and study results to support future adoption

Implications for Research and Practice

The 2015 National State-Based Tobacco Control Program CDC Funding announcement requires all awarded states to develop a sustainability plan and “provide measures of execution of all activities as outlined in the sustainability plan.” Currently, there are no available resources specifically designed to help states meet this requirement, making this study and research imperative.

Project Contact

Matt Bernico, MPH:

Project Staff

Principal Investigator: Sarah Moreland-Russell, PhD, MPH
Co-Investigators: Doug Luke, PhD; Ross Brownson, PhD

Project Manager: Jess Gannon

Research Staff: Todd Combs, PhD; Kim Prewitt; Rachel Hackett; Eliot Jost