Celebrating PRC Graduating Students

The Prevention Research Center (PRC) at WashU has always been a hub of great talent and academic excellence. As we approach the graduation season, we celebrate the achievements of some of our wonderful graduates from the center. This article features the stories of seven graduates and their experiences at the PRC.

Leah Nason, MSW, MPH

Leah Nason is a double degree holder from the Brown School, graduating with a Master of Social Work and a Master of Public Health. Leah’s concentration in Epidemiology/Biostatistics gave her an opportunity to work on the Park Activity, Recreation, and Community Study (PARCS). Leah enjoyed exploring Forest Park and recording visitor patterns of use. Post-graduation, Leah is excited to take a break and spend time with her family, attend a wedding in Portland, and pursue a job at the intersection of policy and public health practice.

Karin Han is graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Karin worked with Dr. Sarah Moreland-Russell and her team. She stated that her experience at the PRC was one of the best learning experiences of graduate school. Karin stated that she was able to learn a lot about program sustainability, academic journals, and how to be a better researcher.

Karin Han, MPH
Zoe Miller, MSW, MPH

Zoe Miller is graduating with a double Master’s degree in Public Health and Social Work, specializing in Violence and Injury Prevention. Zoe worked with Dr. Maura Kepper on the implementation and evaluation of the PREVENT Tool, a technology-based intervention that aims to improve cardiovascular health among youth in the St. Louis area through the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Following her graduation, Zoe is moving to Boston, Massachusetts, to continue her passion for public health.

Courtney Shaw is graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Health, with a specialization in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. During her time at PRC, she worked in the People, Health & Place (PHP) Unit, investigating spatial health equity and how equity indicators can inform research. Her work has contributed to understanding health disparities and developing strategies to reduce them. In the future, Courtney plans to continue working with the PHP Unit and use equitable data to make positive impacts in local communities and beyond. Her commitment to public health is inspiring, and we can’t wait to see the significant contributions she will make in the future.

Courtney Shaw, MPH
Tinuola Adebukola, MPH Candidate

Tinuola Adebukola is a 3-2 MPH student at the Brown School on the generalist track. She works as a communications research assistant under the direction of Cheryl Valko at the PRC. Tinuola will receive her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration on Global Health and the Environment and a minor in Psychology while continuing her final year in the Master of Public Health program at the Brown School. Her interests include community health and community development. Tinuola hopes to explore how to use her public health background to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity.

Angie Hoffman is graduating with a Master’s degree in Public Health, concentrating in Urban Design. During her time at PRC, Angie worked as a research assistant for the PARCS project, which characterizes the spatiotemporal patterns of use and multi-level determinants of use of large metropolitan parks. Angie is returning to Kansas City, where she hopes to contribute to public health research and practice and be close to her family and partner.

Angie Hoffman, MPH

Maddison Geller, MPH

Maddison Geller is graduating with a Master of Public Health at the Brown School. Maddison is committed to advocating for the needs of the aging population. Through her studies at the Brown School, Maddison has gained a deeper understanding of the healthcare system and its inadequacies. At the PRC, Maddison has been working with Dr. Sarah Moreland-Russell on an HPV vaccine policy intervention scoping review. After graduation, Maddison is excited to start her new role as a Technical Assistance & Policy Research Analyst at Westat Insight.

These graduates’ stories highlight the diverse range of experiences and research opportunities available at the PRC. Their work contributes significantly to advancing public health research and practice. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to the valuable contributions they will make in their fields.

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