Physical Activity Policy Research Network


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Project Description

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created the Physical Activity Policy Research Network (PAPRN) in October of 2004 to study the effectiveness of health policies related to increasing physical activity in communities. The PAPRN was established as a thematic research network of the Prevention Research Centers (PRC) program with funding from the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity at CDC. The formally established network consists of one coordinating/member, PRC member centers, and CDC technical advisors, and affiliate university members.

Project Goals

  • To identify policies that affect population physical activity, and the determinants of those policies.

  • To describe the process of implementing and the outcome of physical activity policies.

  • To disseminate findings on physical activity policies to researchers and practitioners.

Funding Source 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cooperative agreement number U48-DP001903

Implications for Research and Practice

PAPRN conducts multi-site research projects that create generalizable results. We are dedicated to partnering with practitioner organizations to assist in disseminating our findings to influence physical activity practice at the state and local levels.

Project Staff 

Principal Investigator: Amy Eyler, PhD. Program Manager: Cheryl Valko, MPH, RD.

Project Partners

 Active Living Research; National Association of Chronic Disease Directors; The National Physcial Activity Society; Tulane University Prevention Research Center; University of Colorado, Denver/Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center; University of Massachusetts/Worchester County Prevention Research Center; Harvard University Prevention Research Center

Project Dates

2004-2014 ​​​